Frequently asked questions

1. I would like to sell an instrument and still be able to follow who will play it in the future. Is this possible with Merito SIT?
Yes, Merito SIT will support you during the sale of your instrument. At the same time we will aid a music-loving investor with the purchase of your instrument and select a talented musician.

2. I would like to support a musician but I do not know the market for musical instruments. How do I proceed?
Should you already know the musician, we will support you in selecting a suitable instrument. We will then take care of all the steps in the purchasing process.

3. What are the costs of providing a musician with an instrument?
The costs consist of the price for the instrument and an annual managing fee for Merito SIT. The insurance costs are usually covered by the musician.

4. I am a musician, how can I apply to be lent an instrument?
Please contact Merito SIT directly.

5. Do you select only musicians that are part of an orchestra or also soloists?
We support both exceptional orchestra musicians as well as soloists.

6. Do you support only Austrian musicians?
No, being an Austrian citizen is not a must for being supported by Merito SIT.

7. What is the amount payable for an old string instrument?
The prices start at around € 300,000.-

8. Can I buy as a private person or only as a company? Can I use the instrument for marketing possibilities?
You will be able to buy both as a private person as well as a company. Your support can be used to aid your PR activities.

9. Do you help with selecting and contacting the musicians?
We will introduce you to several musicians to choose from.

10. What administration tasks can I expect when lending an instrument?
As part of the management contract with Merito SIT we will undertake all the administration tasks for you.

11. What responsibities does the musician have?
The musician pays for the insurance of the instrument and have it examined annually and provide documentation recording its condition.